The Walden Impact

To our amazing Camp Walden Staff,

Each summer we see our staff leaving their and positive impact on our community. We see first-hand growth in ourselves and in the people around us. In order to build our intentional community it is first and foremost due to the effort of an incredible staff that cares so deeply. We constantly remind you of the wonderful opportunity you have to leave a positive imprint on the lives of your campers. We guide you to inspire others with your enthusiasm, your kindness, and your thoughtful actions. It is amazing to see just how much you put into this place and how incredibly meaningful it is to see the impact that you make and the transformative experience you help to provide.

My wish for all of you is that your experience at Walden not only meets your expectations, but that it is actually more than you ever thought it could be. I hope that you will take all that you learn here and that you will continue to leave your mark on the places you visit and the people you meet. I have watched so many of you live less judgmentally and love more unconditionally. I am proud beyond belief of the indelible mark you leave on me, this place, and each other.

With lots of love from Mark and me,
Lauren signature

In the words of our staff

One of the best feelings in the world is walking through the front gates of camp after being away for ten months. At Walden everyone is able to be themselves and take safe, fun risks, learn from their mistakes, and develop their passions and interests in a supportive and encouraging environment. Every summer brings something new and I find myself being challenged in different ways, being able to watch my campers grow as individuals is an unbelievably rewarding experience—it always amazes me that it is my job to make sure they have an amazing summer, but more often than not they are the reason that I have an amazing summer. The experiences and bonds created at Walden with my other staff and my campers are so strong that even outside of camp I find myself leaning on the relationships and memories I’ve made, using them for support and motivation when I need it most. I cannot imagine spending my summers anywhere else but Walden, and every day I find myself counting down the weeks until I get to go back to my summer home that I am lucky to share with such amazing people.
– Andrew Smith

Over the course of 8 weeks Walden works its magic: something amazing happens and you’re surrounded by family in a place you can call home. It’s a wonderful feeling that brings me back year after year. Throughout my time at Walden I’ve made countless incredible friends, gained new skills, and grown as a person. In turn I’ve helped others grow and passed skills onto them. Camp is a place where we can all truly be ourselves as we continue to support one another and help each other to become the best version of ourselves. I can’t wait for next summer in my second home, with all of the challenges, experiences and new faces it will bring.
– Lucy Bacon

The unconditional love that engulfs you when you step within the confines of Camp Walden is difficult to summarize in words. Lauren Bernstein has created a culture where you are allowed to truly be yourself without holding back. When you’re given this gift, it allows you to blossom as a person and amazing things come out of it. Some might say that I’ve left my mark on Camp Walden, but that mark doesn’t come close to how significant Camp Walden has been in teaching me to love every person the way they are. Thank you Camp Walden.
– Dan Whelan

Ever since my first summer at Walden in 2012, I could not imagine spending my summers anywhere else! Each summer I try my hardest to instill in my campers what Lauren and Mark teach us every summer: to be kind to one another, to always have a positive mindset, and to embrace every second we spend at such an amazing place. Camp Walden has absolutely changed my life for the better and I am so thankful to be returning this summer!
– Laura Fraser

From the day I first arrived, to the moment I stepped onto the bus on the last day of camp, I was surrounded by happiness, laughter and huge smiles. The feeling of waking up in the morning, being able to see all these wonderful, now familiar faces is something I don’t think I can explain in words. Camp Walden has changed my life and I cannot wait to come back each summer to create many more friendships, experiences and memories. That’s a fact!
– Shane Bullen “Fact Man”

Whether as a camper or counselor, Camp Walden creates an incredible environment of fun, support, and positivity. In my ten years at Walden I’ve seen myself grow in various ways, and I only hope to give my campers the same amount of love that I have received over the years. These memories and experiences have given me chance to not only create friendships that will last a lifetime, but gain an amazing family. Walden will always be my second home, and I hope to never leave!
– Kayla D’Oyen

Camp Walden changed my life in so many ways. During my time at camp, I was given the incredible opportunity to teach my campers how to have fun and at the same time teach life lessons that they can take with them.
– Simon Pepper

Camp Walden left such an amazing mark on me, and now I can’t imagine spending summers anywhere else. The amount of love that Lauren and Mark give to their own children, their campers, their staff, and to the very idea of summer camp shines through in every action and choice they both make. I am proud to be a staff member at Walden, and I’m so excited to return for many summers to come.
– Hunter McLaren