To our amazing Walden families,

We can’t wait for camp! We are so excited for the summer of 2021, and we are confident that Walden can provide the safety, spirit, and love that we all have become accustomed to. Everyday we are learning and preparing with our primary goal being to keep our community happy and safe in the upcoming summer. Regardless of the progression of the vaccine distribution, we believe we can provide a wonderful and safe experience for our campers and staff. We will continue to seek advice and best practice from medical experts in the field, the CDC, the NYS DOH and the American Camp Association. We will make the necessary adjustments to finalize our protocols as we get closer to camp. We know so much more than we did last summer, and we will continue to expand upon our knowledge in the coming months.

We know that children need the friendship, activity, fun, and the love that camp provides more than ever. As much as we are all excited for the summer ahead, we also know that there are many questions to be answered. As always, we strive to be transparent with you as our partners in creating this safe and powerful experience for our children. Here is a link to our preliminary Covid plan. We will email you when we have substantial updates/changes as we continue to modify and adjust the information.

Walden’s Preliminary Covid Plan

We are grateful for the trust of our families, and the resilience and excitement of our campers and staff. We are committed to making 2021 the incredible experience we have all been waiting for!

As you know, we are available and so happy to discuss anything with you.

With love,
Lauren and Mark