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About Camp Walden Summer Camp Meet Our Family

The Highest Level of Overnight Camp Care

At Walden, we provide exceptional care because we genuinely care about the experience of each camper. Our experienced Directors are devoted to meeting the needs of every child. Through their attentive and skilled leadership they create a safe, positive environment where campers thrive. Walden’s extremely low camper-to-staff ratio also ensures that each camper receives individualized attention.

A Commitment to Children

At Camp Walden we consider ourselves partners in your child’s development. Our leadership team members are professional educators and coaches who work with children all year long. All of our highly trained staff members are dedicated to keeping campers safe, active, and happy throughout each day. Walden staff members serve as strong role models who provide high quality instruction, instill self-confidence, and guide campers to challenge themselves and support each other. Many of our valued staff members return year after year.

Meet Our Team

Caring Counselors and Skilled Specialists

Our cabin counselors are warm, loving individuals bursting with energy and enthusiasm. They care for and encourage their campers each day and make sure everyone is having fun and making friends! Our talented specialists are skilled, passionate teachers who instruct in their specific area of expertise. Specialists help campers increase their abilities while promoting the joy of play.

Meet Our Leadership Team
Lauren and Mark Bernstein, Full-Time Year Round Owners/Directors

Lauren Pine Bernstein

Summer camp is in Lauren’s heart and soul. Her passion for camp, combined with her wealth of training and experience in education and summer camping, allow her to skillfully oversee all facets of camper care. Lauren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida. She also has a Master’s degree in Reading from SUNY Albany and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Administration from the Bank Street School of Education in New York City. Lauren has taught in public and private schools and has served as the Vice Principal of a 400 student private school in Schenectady, NY. Lauren has been devoted to summer camp nearly all of her life. She grew up as a sleep-away camper and stayed on to become a counselor and a group leader at her childhood camp. Her camp experience includes full-time positions as the Girls’ Head Counselor, Boys’ Head Counselor, Assistant Director, and Director of both for-profit and non-profit day and sleep-away camps. At Camp Walden, all staff members who are directly responsible for campers’ health and happiness report up to Lauren.

Mark I. Bernstein

Mark combines his love for camp with his business experience to keep all facets of the Walden program in optimal shape. Mark’s camp background goes back to childhood summers spent at camp, and to college summers when he worked as a Head Counselor. In addition to his love for sports, theater, and working with children, Mark also has a great deal of passion and knowledge of the Adirondacks. He grew up with a vacation home on Schroon Lake just 30 minutes north of Camp Walden. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Union College and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Technology and Entrepreneurship. Mark is an entrepreneur with expertise in multi-media and distance learning. He and his former business partners invented the first PC-based “virtual classroom” and “web conferencing” software product. At Walden, Mark manages all of the facilities, operations, and support centers.

Together, Mark and Lauren share a belief that there is something unique and special about the summer camp experience that cannot be duplicated in any other setting. They are thrilled to be able to provide an extraordinary overnight camp experience for all Camp Walden campers and families. They have owned and operated Camp Walden since 2004, and both work full-time at camp year-round. During the school year Mark and Lauren live in Old Tappan, New Jersey with their two children, Julia and Michael.

Camp Walden - Robyn Spector, Director

Robyn Spector, Director

Robyn’s career at Camp Walden started in 1980 when she was an eight-year-old Freshman Girl camper. Robyn attended Camp Walden as a camper right through her CIT summer. She then rose through the camp ranks holding positions as a Bunk Counselor, Group Leader, CIT Coordinator, Activities Coordinator, Girls’ Division Head, and Assistant Director. She has served Walden as a year-round Director since 1996. Robyn has a Bachelor’s degree in History from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Toronto. Robyn and her husband Robert met at Camp Walden and have two daughters, Shaye and Raigan.

Camp Walden - Lorne and Ashley Sederoff, Boys and Girls Head Counselors

Lorne and Ashley Sederoff, Boys and Girls Head Counselors

Lorne and Ashley Sederoff began working at Camp Walden in 1999. Lorne is the Principal of a public school in Toronto and also has an extensive background in physical education. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from York University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. Ashley works at camp year-round in addition to working in psychology for the Toronto School District. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Developmental Psychology from York University. Together, Lorne and Ashley bring a tremendous amount of experience and leadership to camp. They also serve as excellent role models for our campers and staff. Lorne and Ashley are committed to ensuring that every camper participates in new activities, builds skills, and makes lasting friendships. They have two sons, Jake and Rory.

Camp Walden - Ange Sullivan, Younger Camp Head Counselor

Ange Sullivan, Younger Camp Head Counselor

Ange has been an integral part of the Camp Walden family since 2006. She has several years of prior experience working with Lauren at another camp where Ange served as a Bunk Counselor, Group Leader, Division Leader, and Assistant Head of Girls Camp. Now as Walden’s Younger Camp Head Counselor, Ange brings a great deal of camp experience to her work with our youngest boys and girls. Knowing and understanding campers’ individual needs, being exceptionally nurturing and caring, and communicating so well with children and parents makes Ange ideally suited to care for our younger campers. Ange graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in History, Political Science, and Secondary Education. She currently teaches high school European and American History. It is no wonder that a few years back Ange was named teacher of the year in her school district because of her incredible impact on children. In addition to teaching, Ange works year-round for Walden helping attract and recruit top-level staff. She and her husband Tom have a daughter, Emma.

Camp Walden - Susan Brown, Waterfront Director

Susan Brown, Waterfront Director

Susan literally grew up at Camp Walden, having spent 15 years as a Walden camper! We are fortunate that she returned to camp in 2008 to serve as our Waterfront Director. Susan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Buffalo State and a Master’s degree in Education from Lehman College. She loves being back at Walden ensuring a safe, fun waterfront experience for all of our campers. Susan and her husband Doug have three children, Andrew, Lauren, and Lindsay.

Camp Walden - >Brian Boyce, Co-Waterfront Director, Out-of-Camp Director, Bonfire Coordinator, Ambassador of Spirit and Positive Energy

Brian Boyce, Co-Waterfront Director, Out-of-Camp Director, Bonfire Coordinator, Ambassador of Spirit and Positive Energy

With a decade of camp experience, Brian's leadership and positive energy radiate through many aspects of camp. Directing the Waterfront with Susan Brown allows their team to offer the many unique opportunities for campers to feel safe and supported while trying new activities; a staple of Camp Walden's programming. He also spearheads the interactive improvisation and music-based evening bonfires down at the lake. Breaking trail with the Walden High Peaks Club and Teen Trips, Brian manages numerous out-of-camp explorations through the mountainous Adirondack backcountry and many major cultural centers of the north east. Sharing his passion for music through guitar lessons and the Walden Band performances is yet one more talent Brian brings to the unique community of Camp Walden. Brian is a primary school teacher by trade and is most passionate about traveling the world.

Camp Walden - Erin Salem, Younger Boys Division Head

Erin Salem, Younger Boys Division Head

Erin’s passion for taking care of children keeps her coming back to Camp Walden each and every summer. She has been a part of the Walden family since she was 7 years old, first as a camper and then as staff. Over the years she has taken on many roles, as Water-Ski Instructor, Assistant Waterfront Director, and CIT Coordinator. Currently, she is our Division Head for younger camp boys and you will always find her with her boys or at the center of evening activities. As “The Spirit”, she is also a large part of the excitement that surrounds Color War and Tribals each summer.  Her enthusiasm and love for this camp is contagious to everyone around her. She brings with her experience as a teacher and graduated with a degree in Education from McGill University.

Camp Walden - Donald Eggleston, Athletic Directo

Donald Eggleston, Athletic Director

Donald started at Walden in 2010 and in a short time he has grown to be a dynamic part of the Walden family.  Now when it pours down rain, it becomes “Donald Day” at camp – muddy sports moments and dance parties on A campus, the spirit never stops. Donald holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education from Radford University and a Master’s degree in Coaching from West Virginia University.  He began his coaching career over 20 years ago while in college and has taught physical education and health at both the elementary and middle school level since 1996. Donald and his daughter Abby absolutely love their summers at Camp Walden.