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About Camp Walden Summer Camp Magical Summers


Camp Walden: A Summer Home to Call Your Own

Creating magical summers for amazing campers is what Walden is all about. At Walden, we make sure every camper feels included in our warm, nurturing community. Walden is a family. And being part of our family means having a summer home where you can live, laugh, learn, and have more fun than you ever imagined possible!

Welcome Back to the Heart of
Summer Camp

Since 1931, Walden has given campers a unique opportunity to experience the pure joy of summertime fun and friendship. Walden is a down-to-earth, well-grounded camp. We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment where children are supported as they play and grow together. Our beautiful Adirondack campgrounds have an inviting, natural feel. This offers the perfect setting for summertime adventures. Walden has all of the programs and activities of a large camp, yet is small enough that everyone knows each other. Welcome back to summer as it was always meant to be – welcome to Walden!

Welcome Back to the Heart of Summer Camp

Endless Summer Camp Fun – Walden Has It All!

Walden is a co-ed overnight camp offering everything under the sun for summertime fun! From athletics, to arts, to aquatics, to adventure, Walden has it all. Fun is at the heart of a Walden summer and we incorporate it into all we do. Our exceptional programs and facilities, including our stunning spring-fed lake, give campers endless opportunities to grow their confidence and skills. Walden’s highly experienced specialists work with campers to promote skill-building, teamwork, friendship, and fun. At Walden we constantly encourage campers to take on challenges, explore new interests, and develop talents. A summer of fun, a lifetime of memories, at Walden you can do it!

Exceptional Care… Excellent Instruction… Extraordinary Friends… Empowered Campers… Exquisite Waterfront… Endless Possibilities... EXPERIENCE CAMP WALDEN